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Something most individuals would agree with is that smart phones are almost another appendage to our bodies. It is like having a third hand or personal assistant with us wherever we go. Phones have become such an intricate part of our lives that we claim we cannot live without them. In fact, even the older generation has joined in and started texting, Instant Messaging and utilizing social media such as Facebook. I am not bashing any of this, because I too have a smart phone and use it daily to stay connected, obtain the latest information and post through various apps and media, and I even use it to take a quick photo. However, there is a difference in being a “phone” photographer and a photographer that uses professional equipment. Even with all the latest updates to phones, software, and apps you still cannot beat the quality of a professional photographer. Unfortunately in today’s world everyone has become somewhat of a photographer thanks to smart phone devices. One of the main complaints individuals have when they take a selfie or a group photo is that they don’t like how they look in the photo, or the group looks smooshed, tense and almost forced together. Due to this, I have compiled three reasons to hire a professional photographer for your events, family, and milestone moments.

1. A professional photographer can make you look more appealing with the selection of a suitable location, posing positions and provide advice on wardrobe selections that would best suited the situation. They will also provide professional touches to the finished product. These may include light adjustments or color quality to make the final product polished and presentable.

2. Another reason individuals should hire a professional photographer is because they will have access to the necessary equipment and innovative tools utilized in their field. By hiring a photographer you are getting their experience, knowledge, and creativity that when combined will capture your portrait with the right balance providing you with the best results.

3. Finally, a professional photographer has your best interest in mind. They want to make you satisfied with the final results. They are proud of their work and stake their reputation on it. Photographers are committed to capturing your image in a way that will make you happy today, tomorrow, and years down the road. They will pay attention to the details big and small and work with you until the shot meets your vision.

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